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UXDL Research

An Investigation of User Experience Design for Learning (UXDL) Principles in Online Learning

This study qualitatively examined undergraduate learners' perspectives of online learning through a cross-disciplinary lens of user experience design and pedagogy.

We surveyed learners at the University of Waterloo about their prior and current experiences with online learning (i.e., what they like, dislike, hope, and expect), and  conducted qualitative interviews to better understand these experiences. To address the question of how the UXDL principles impact learners, we ran user research sessions and observed learners as they interacted with online content designed using the UXDL principles. The results contribute to the ongoing development, validation, and operationalization of the open-source User Experience Design for Learning (UXDL) design framework. The study was funded by eCampusOntario. 

Troop, M., White, D., Wilson, K.E., Zeni, P. (2020). "The user experience design for learning (UXDL) framework: The undergraduate student perspective." The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 11(3).

Curated Resources


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Instructional Design

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